LED Advantages

  • Energy Efficient :
  • LED lighting can deliver same amount of light using as little as 15 to 20% of power.
  • Longevity:
  • LED lighting has longer lift time (50,000 hrs to 1 lakhs burning hours) Environment friendly - no harmful material like mercury, lead and no IR, UV radiation.
  • Rugged Durability :
  • LED lights have no fragile element to contend with and no fragile, tube, bulb. They are resistant to heat, cold and shock.
  • Voltage:
  • LEDs have a low DC voltage operation.
  • No Hotspot, No Glare:
  • The innovative diffusing lens and reflector system deliver an optimal light distribution that spreads the area and illuminates. Hence no distraction by hot spot or glare.
  • No Heat buildup:
  • LED lights do not cause heat buildup, LEDs produce 3.4 buts’ / hr compared to 85 for Incandescent lights. This helps is reduction in air-conditioning load in homes and offices.
  • Light for Remote Areas:
  • Due to less power requirement for LEDs, lighting with use of solar panels becomes more practical and less expensive.
  • Cost Effective:
  • Although the initial costs of LEDs are expensive, the cost is recovered very soon with saving in energy and saving in maintentanance and replacement costs.

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